Source: ccofla.com

Source: ccofla.com

The 5 Best Designed Golf Holes in South Louisiana 

Number 2 

The one place Mackenzie and Jones felt it was ok to deviate from giving the novice a safe route was on shorter Par-3’s.  Even the high handicap player has the stuff to hit a quality iron shot on occasion.  There is perhaps no place in golf more capable of inspiring the heroic in any player than an elevated teeing ground overlooking an artful green on a finger of land, jutting out into water. 

From the tee box at CCLA’s 6th, it’s easy to see Nicklaus drawing inspiration from Mackenzie’s work at the 12th at Augusta. Here’s what I can safely say about the 6th hole at CCLA:  I’ve played the hole twice, and twice was compelled to take a picture from the tee.